High-frequency Engineering

InTiCa Systems has revised the different components of broadband cable (BC) networks for a frequency range of up to 1.5 GHz and set new standards for the EMC segment. The increasing demand for faster broadband for the so-called Tripe Play Services (TV, Video On Demand, and Internet) has led to the constant expansion of the networks with modern and optimised components.

The self-developed components for network level 3 the so-called HFC (hybrid fibre coax) networks offer a secure, powerful and future-oriented solution for the expansion and construction of network structures at the customers and adapted to the latest standards (EMC, data transfer speed, transmission frequency).

  • Splitter for broadband or coax networks: splitting and distribution of the signals in the coaxial network in different designs and for different connection systems.
  • Plug-in connectors for HF-applications: network components for different types of cable, such as - plugs (KES), sockets, cable end boxes, terminators
component of splitter for broadband or coax networks
plug-in connectors for HF-applications